Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Showgirls Coke Style!

A family friend knew that I was to be in an advertising campaign for Coke, that would be airing sometime this year. Last night a google search brought her to a little website: Coke Chase, and there she found the advert we had all been waiting for with baited breath, because according to the signed contracts, and for obvious reasons, we were not allowed to mention anything about the advert online. A phone call later, here it is! The first half of the advert we shot last year! I'm the girl on the right of the canon!

Seeing the advert online was strangely surreal. Sitting in my pajamas, and quite out of the blue was the culmination of a projected which has started in late August for me already, and earlier for the production team. Sitting on my couch I did however feel far removed from the girl in pink, rhinestones and glitter who was  on youtube. After letting all the other girls who were int he advert with me, the game was on!

Now, you can go online and vote for either the #CokeShowgirls, the #Badlanders or the #Cowboys at www.chasecoke.com! As a showgirl, my fellow glitter gals and I ask everyone who stumbles upon this site to go vote for the #CokeShowgirls to win, and if you’re desperate to rather see our footage that’s fine too! Just enjoy the game, and vote! If you’re in America, you can see the results of the vote during the Super Bowl. I will be watching on youtube and posting here on Monday!

May the best team win…

Hero Showgirls: Myself, Dunty La Trobe and Lindi Peters
Find more images of us as www.cokechase.com