Sunday, 15 April 2012

Making it back to movement

Today hailed the return to physical theatre rehearsals for myself and the six other cast members for CHASING (choreographed by the fantastic Nicola Haskins of the Matchbox Theatre Collective). I have been trying to stay fit jogging, and working roughly once a week but today was a shock to the system (my legs were already stiffening halfway through the rehearsal)!

Part of this process is putting together my rehearsal bag. This usually consists of a pair of legwarmers (winter is coming), a very large water bottle, something that I can eat, and which won’t perish and is usually my mother’s sugar free rusks. And let’s not forget that bottle of deodorant for when you need to be somewhere right after a five hour physical theatre rehearsal, like by yourself in your car. The other two “must haves” in my bag is a roll of medical elastic tape, and a pair of scissors. Most time I’m just cutting dead skin off my feet and less often cutting tape to put on them.

Now, when creating new movement material the process usually consists of each member of the cast creating material, according to your own body and around a specific concept.

Seeing what your fellow cast members can come up with and do is fantastic, until the realization sinks in that you will have to do exactly that shortly! For me this usually occurs when we see one of the boys doing some phenomenal leap soaring through the air, and I am well of aware of the hold that gravity tends to have on me!

Tomorrow night we will probably be comparing bruises. And yes, they have formed already!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

It's been almost a month since I posted this, and I still wonder sometimes how exactly did I get that perfectly roud bruise right in the middle of my foot?