Sunday, 9 September 2012

Heeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaa!!!!!

I received one of those late night emails from my agent. I had audition coming up for a major brand. I read through the audition brief attached to the email. It was to be in Rosebank, at three in the afternoon. There appeared to be two roles which I would be suited to, over two afternoons. The first was for a role entitled “Damsel cowboy”. The role required the actress to be able to ride a horse. Check. The other role which would suite for me was for a group of showgirls. The actresses for this role required dancing experience. Check.

So I did my usual pre-audition preparation, but this time would be the first time that I would be taking the Gautrain to an audition. I left my flat in the rain (trying my best to stop my hair from getting wet), dressed in appropriate cowboy attire and hat, and hopped on a train to Rosebank. When I arrived the wind all but blew me off my feet, nearly taking my dress with it. When the hail starting pelting my umbrella I was even more grateful for the train and that I had not been driving in the torrential rain, thunder and hail. After leaving the station my curls were blown into a near afro, and any thoughts of control which I might have had over my hair was fiction. But there was no time for taming, or turning back.

I eventually found where I had to be and got my now very usual form and number sticker. My photo was taken and I waited for my turn to go into the camera room. As per usual, I headed in with an always changing number of other hopefuls, and told what to do. We all did the usual name, age, etc. But what made this one different was that I was asked, on camera about firstly my acting experience, and secondly my horse riding experience. We were also told quite explicitly not to lie about our horse riding experience. This made complete sense to me, as we had to ride a horse in the advert.

I was then told, to pretend I was on a horse, being chased down by various other groups, and I was trying to get my horse to faster and faster. I comited to the rolethat I had to play. It was worth definitly worth the paycheck. Cowboy hat, boots and all I did the 'Heeehaaas', I motivated that horse, and I chased down my imaginry goal on my imaginary horse! This, however, was nothing compared to the showgirl auditions I would be facing the very next day…

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