Monday, 31 December 2012

To a resolute New Year!

The well wishing for new year has began already. Its all over facebook and twitter and cell phone messages. Positivity for a new beginning has flooded all forms of communication, and we wish strangers who we see “Happy New Year”.

I think after an entire year we all need it. We need to start the new year on a good note. A positive. Note. A determined note. Whether you are determined not to let the tragedies and hardships of the year transpired follow you into yet another year. Or whether you want to bring the good things with you into the new year we all determined, today, to make it a happy new year. We all know that by the time the weekend rolls around we will have broken some of those well-meant new year’s resolutions, or by tomorrow we’ll be making, probably the most frequently made resolution on New Years Day: I’m never drinking again!

As for me, I’ve started preparing for a good new year. I’m planning websites, patiently battling the errors in the personalized email I’m trying to set up. I’m preparing for the songs I want to write. I’m planning the plays I want to write. I'm preparing for the shows I hope to do with schools (scribbeling in a notebook while sitting in the pool!). I’m dreaming about which theatres I’d like to work in and who I’d like to work with. And I too am setting goals for the new year. And its exciting. And while we are making plans for the new year I like to look back.

A year ago I had no commercial camera experience as an actress. A year ago two small plays entitled SUIKERBOSSIE and KNEES did not exist. I hadn’t performed in As Night Falls. I didn’t have a broken toe taking me into the new year, and I hadn’t set foot in Stagedoor before. I’ve met good, bad and odd people, and been to auditions. And if my car hadn’t been stolen in October I would be driving around in a new car today.

My perspectives have changed, my goals have changed. The way I look at myself has changed. And as we enter another I think we need to find that balance between growing, and still remaining true to ourselves.

Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone for following this blog this year. And I’m resolute that tomorrow we will have a new year. With new experiences, and repeating old mistakes. And, maybe just, I’ll make it!

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