Sunday, 6 March 2016

Coding and Birthdays!

When I started studying drama my mom said that everything I’ve done in my life somehow lead up to my career…lifestyle… I’ve chosen. Everything from dance to music to drama to art history and even math has somehow helped me with projects and performances and productions. Whether it was analysing light and composition in a shot, doing the math for technical specifications or splitting a restaurant bill (a big joke between drama students and usually don't care much for math!). When my husband, a computer engineer, and I started dating even the programming I did in High school was helpful. I could at least vaguely understand what he was talking about when he spoke about code and hardware. Now I’ve actually started using my limited knowledge of coding in my…lifestyle.

Saying a lot has changed in 10 years when it comes to computers is more than an understatement. And I never worked on websites while I was learning the basics of computer code. Mauritz swooped in, showed me the language we would be working in, did the difficult bits and got me on my way! I coded the basics of my website and now possess the skills to keep it up to date myself too!

On Saturday Mauritz was feeling ill, and I still require crutches to make it down the stairs of our flat. The quiet afternoon gave us the time to get the website live. We launched my fancy-shmancy new website! Just in time for my birthday today! 


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