Monday, 11 April 2016

Glamorous premiering: Mignon MOSSIE van Wyk

For some reason people always expect actors to be extroverts. As if because what we do on stage or in front of a camera somehow means that we are performing constantly.I like to think that the really good actors are the introverts. Those of us who watch people. How they move and interact. Not being constantly in the social spotlight so that we are blinded to the people and the lives around us. After all, if we are to portray different people as actors we need to understand them.

I think I function somewhere in between. I have my hermit periods, and times when I desperately need to leave. Even if it just means going shopping to be around other people. After my long societal exclusion due to my knee operation I was a both excited and apprehensive when I was invited to the premiere of Mignon ‘Mossie’ van Wyk. My friend Tarryn-Tanille Prinsoo wrote the script for the film and graciously invited myself and Mauritz to attend the premiere.

Dress code: Glamorous.

I have a fantastic grey number I had bought without an occasion to wear it to, and now I had an occasion. I was confident in the dress until I bumped into Tarryn two days before and saw a photo of her spectacular dress she would be wearing. My confidence in my dress waned slightly.

“I’m beginning to think my dress won’t be glamorous enough”

“Don't worry about being over-dressed. The way I look at it, you can either shine, or fizzle, and I think it’s always better to shine”.

So on Thursday evening we got all glammed up for the glamorous premiere of Mignon ‘Mossie’ van Wyk.

“I’m really glad I’m married to you. Now I always have someone who has to talk to me when I go to these events. And you can’t say no even if you want to.”

Mauritz is an introvert by nature, so he understands that I sometimes feel intimidated by crowds of people.

“There’s a very specific photo I want us to take when we get there”

The two introverts trying to act natural in a social environment.
There are few things better than really being impressed by a friend’s work. When you can honestly compliment them and tell them how fantastic it is and how much you enjoyed it. And I did. Tarryn’s Mignon ‘Mossie’ van Wyk is a beautiful story.I was moved by it. And as a slightly cynical film scholar I rarely am.

Mignon ‘Mossie’ van Wyk starts showing commercially on 6 May. 

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