Monday, 30 May 2016

My Brother's Show

Before boyfriends and husbands came to watch my shows and helped me pick out what to wear for auditions there was my brother. Who came to watch my shows and help me pick out what to wear for auditions. He also brought forgotten hairclips and shoes to theatre back doors. Brought home made macaroni and cheese to late night rehearsals and made many late night cups of tea and coffee as either he or I or both of us sat and worked. Last year he started coming into his own right as a performer.

I started going to his shows, arranging flowers for his accompanists and making sure that there was infused water after his exam performance. Last weekend I watched him perform what will be his last performance in his home town before he heads off to America to start his Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance at Missouri State University.

The concerts he held over two weekends were to raise funds for his studies across the ocean and on another continent. We always knew that he would relocate to the Northern hemisphere eventually. He’s wanted to be an opera singer for many years and has dedicated seven years of tertiary education to studying music and the voice. It has always been on the cards, but watching him perform and knowing that he is leaving soon made it so very real.

Theunis Botha will be hitting the American shores in July and I can’t wait to see the first video/live stream/youtube clip of whatever I can get my digitally inclined hands on of him performing there!

It was an honour being a stage-hand, video-coordinator and general gopher for my little brother. It was an honour to be the one sitting in the audience watching him do his thing. And a big thank you to my poor long-suffering husband for doing technical work for another Botha on the stage.

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