Friday, 30 March 2012

Getting the call

I saw a joke about what actors really do – that we sit and wait for the phone to ring. And it’s true. Unless you got cut early through the process, and if the audition even goes remotely well you believe you stand a chance. And then you wait. You check your phone obsessively, you imagine its ringing if it’s in the next room. And you wait.

By yesterday I assumed it wouldn’t happen anymore. I had auditioned for Freedom on the 6th of March, and it was now the 30th. Even though I got mentioned in the citizen about the strength of my audition I assumed that time had run out. I spoke to my mom as well yesterday. “It’s just not meant to be” she said. “It’s not God’s path for you”. And then today I had two missed calls from a private number on my cell phone after a workshop. But with no voicemail and no way to call back I resigned myself to the wait. And then my cell rang again.

I got the call back. Who knows what will happen afterwards, but I got the call back.

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