Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Making it into the cut.

My agent warned me, although I was not, but even as a lead character my contributions to the shoot for the advertisement might just end up on the editing room floor, figuratively speaking. Although these day its probably more like ending up in the recycle bin!

The airing of the advert my face appeared in was, alas, not as glamorous as I would have hoped. I wasn't notified beforehand that I was even in the final edit, or that the advert was airing. But my mom called me after seeing the advert on TV while I was out and told me that my face had been on TV. I might not have been sitting in front of the television set with my family and friends to watch it, but I was excited all the same and so was my family!

I'm learning, more and more, that this life is not as glamorous as one might imagine, and that what you see on TV is only so on TV, and I'm ok with that. Hopefully I can be one of those characters on TV, living life as only those on TV do!

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