Monday, 5 August 2013

Screenings and Dreams

Almost four months ago I was in the 2-woman cast of the short film Droom (Dream), the first film of the now Guerrilla Film Collective (previously the One Day Film Collective). Essentially the film is about communication in a relationship, specifically about dreams and body language. And reflecting on the last few months since the shoot I am constantly reminded of Oscar Wilde’s quote:

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.”

Last Sunday I had the privilege of attending the first film screening of the Guerrilla Film Collective (GFC). A number of shorts (industry jargon for short films), and micro short films were screened which have been shot by various aspiring filmmakers, industry professionals and dreamers. Working on literally no budget, and begging, borrowing or stealing equipment, it has been amazing to be part of a team of people who make films for no other reason other than that they really really want to (I remember doing my makeup before the shoot in a restaurant bathroom while the crew scouted a location!). A very different Chandré to the girl on screen attended the film screening, with faded scars and new dreams.

Most films were directorial debuts, or the first time someone had been the director of photography, or a shift had been made from stills to film. Or for some actresses a change from theatre to screen was made.

It was amazing to see how the final edit of Droom had changed since the initial rough edit I had seen months ago. And it was inspiring to see how friends had grown through the process. Unfortunately I had only been part of the first film in the capacity of an actress as the GFC often shoots on Sundays. My weekends, often including Sundays have been filled with rehearsals for Grahamstown and the State Theatre and I have not been able to participate since then.

I was inspired by the turnout and support for the screening, held on a Sunday evening at Amuse Café in Linden. The funds raised at the screening are for GFC to enter The 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Challenge. This weekend. And I’m on standby...

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